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Interested in ancient Greece or the latest World political news? Find your answers here! Welcome to “World chronology”, a unique database on
political history and ongoing world process! “World chronology” is an exclusive reference source of political history of ALL states from 3000 BC to this date,
11700 posts describing major political events and changes of all states in a
chronological log, making it easy to compare events and countries!
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Welcome to Worldchronology:
Database on political history and ongoing world process.

Worldchronology is a unique and exclusive Reference source of political
history of all states from 3000 bc to this date. 10800 posts describing
major political events and changes of all states in a chronological log,
making it easy to compare events and countries,
Sample of database and updates 2011 found to the right, updates 2011-below.
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15 most recent changes


Constitutional reforms during 2011 reducing presidential
authorities are fully imposed as new president takes
office. President is hencefrward strongly subordiate to cabinet and has no legislative authoriies. Foreign
politics are partly remained, all activty demands
countersignature of PM. Determinaton of political
is under further examnation, if made Parlimentaian
(ceremonial) Presidency.


Parliaentarian elections are concluded. As parliament
convens with a plurality and generally democratic
conditon, Egypt will eter a new interim status.
Thus entering next phase of democratisation to be
finalised uon presidential elections 2012


During 2011 a few countries may be considered for
changed political status, without definitive
evidence yet. Ukraine and Turkey has been at
risk to transfer from functioning to limited
democracy. In Africa Burkina Faso and Malawi
may be reconsidered a transfer from limited
democracy to Semi-Authoritarian rule.

Uncertain change!! Hungary has introduced several
constitutional reforms during recent year and
dominating Fidesz government, that has been
widely critisised by opposition and EU. This
may perhaps (sadly) indicate a transition from
functioning democracy to limited democracy.
Check this further if really valid.
Inner Mongolia

We may suppose that normalisation and lifting of the
martial law has taken place at some time after may
North Korea

Normalisation as Km Jong-Un is installed Supreme
Leader. Likely possessing same strong, authori-
tarian but not overwhelming powers as his father
and predecessor. Balance of power with other
institutions is not fully clear.

Constitutional reform launched by President
Medvedev, actually effecting status of russian
republics rather than Russia as a whole. According
to these provisions direct election of governors
is to be restored. Changed status of republics are

North Korea

Death of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il is announced.
In one of the world's worst dictatorships, this
will mark an interim status as powers vested in
KJI will be transferred to parliament, party or
presidium. KJI possessed strong but not over-
whelming powers, this marks a decentralisation
until current uncertainity is over.

Presidential elections held, resulting in a defeat of
longtime, previously authoritarian President Igor
Smirnov. These electons may be regardedas generally
fair, with two main contenders to combat in second
round. However sharing power with parliament (dominted)
by Renewal party.Examine further how well oppositon may
function and how democratic Transnistra shall be regarded.
Papua New Guinea

Court decision determines a four month long political
deadlock by declare sitting PM as in an illegal
position. Previous PM Somare is claimant of government
until further actions are made. We may at this point
declare PNG to be in an interim status
Côte d'Ivoire

Parliamentarian electons held, in order to restore
parliament as a functoning institution half a
year after Outtaras assumption of power. Sadly
opposition parties are boycotting election, which
undermines its legitimacy. Since this is a
decision by the opposition it is hard to determine
the political status/situation by now.

Duma elections held,clearly disputed and including
repressive acts towards opposition. Nevertheless
outcome proved to present a significant setback
to Unified Russia. With just about 50% of the present a more active role henceforward.Even
though democratic criterias are far freom fulfilled,
the election is an improvment and in practice Russia
may function as a limited democracy however combined
with a strong and dominating executive.

Following a record long politica deadlock, a coalition
is finally concluded resulting in a restored parliam-
entarian status
DR Congo

Still uncertain! Presidential and parliamentarian
elections held, under possibly slightly disputed
conditions. Election campaign dominated by Kabila.
Results to be presented Dec 6. Examne this further,
it may lead to transition from Actual to Limted

Parliamentarian elections held in order to restore
instituton of parliament. Since Egypt has a
Presidential framework, executive will remain
in military council or possible interim government
until presidential elections are held, planned for
June 2012. Examine further democratic legitimacy of
elections, but initial reports predict it as generally free.

Interim status taking effect as President Saleh resigns to leave power to Vice President. Unity cabinet to be formed
and fresh elections to be held.

Full transition to democratic rule as a coalition cabinet of
Ennahda and secular parties is

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